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About TFP: Galvatron's Revenge

TFPGR Infinity poster - Final.jpg

Hey there fans, as you can see we have done a lot of work over the passed 2 years and there is still more to do. In order for us to getit done and make it look as good as the still images,we need your help. We currently are asking for donations in order to help us acheive our goal. The initial tier is 20k. That is where we would like to focus on in order to obtain render farms, software to help with destruction sequences, and additional hardware. Please click the link below if you are able to donate. If you are, your name will appear in the "special thanks" section of the credits. Thank you in advance for you encouragment and support.

Fan geared animation film based on the hit show Transformers Prime. Continuing the epic battles between the Autobots and Deceptcions, a new evil emerges to wage war.

NOTE: There is NO INTENT to sell Transfomers or any of the characters found within the Transformers universe. All rights are reserved to Hasbro. This project is simply out of love as artists and for the transformers characters. There is absolutely NO INTENSION to make money off of this project, the transformers brand, or it's characters. Any and all funding will go to obtain software, hardware, and talent to complete the project. 

TFW2005's Galvatron's Revenge thread is linked below. Check the thread index to see even more concept art and watch for updates!


Animation Clips

This section has been updated to house all of our un-rendered animated clips. One a regular basis, the team releases blocked animation sequences of the various scenes we are working on. Please keep in mind these are not the final version.

Animation Clip 2

Animation Clip 1

Animation Clip 3

                New Renders

Official Opening Intro

Bruticus Reveal!

Animation Clip 4  

Animation Clip 5  

Animation Clip 6  

Animation Clip 7 

Animation Clip 8



Screenshots of models and work in progress. Click on gallery for larger image. 

Concept Art

Screenshots of various concept art produced for the film.  Click on gallery for larger image.

Meet the Team

Director - Carlos Barrantes

The mastermind behind this awesome project


The following have contributed to the animation of this entire project

Jonathan Mason

Ben Aliciea

Carlos Barrantes 

Neal Wytka

Lead Story Board Artist - Victoria Thomas

Victoria is responsible for single handedly producing over 70% of the story boards

Lead Concept Artist - Z

An amazing and talented artist who contributed to all final versions of the characters used in this project

3D Modelers

A talented team that contributed to all character, vehicle, and environmental models

Andrew Majewski -


Jonathan Mason

Nick Tachynsky


Special Effects Artists

Getting our special effects started is Katherine Fallon and picking up where she left off is none other than Victoria Thomas

Story Board Artist - Action Sequence

Story boarding the majority of the action sequences is Adrianne Thater. Her impressive skills and insight of action sequences will keep you on the edge of your seat during this movie.

Texture Artists

Jonathan Mason was responsible for the initial set of textures. Ben Aliciea joined our team in 2023 to further enhance the textures in the film.

Audio Team

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